Film Finance Pitch Sessions

Movie Pitch Session Guidelines

Best Little Horror Con in Texas offers a $5,000 equity investment deal for an independent horror or supernatural film. The film may be drama, comedy, or romance, aimed either at adults or children, but it must be rooted in a horror, supernatural, or magic genre.

Participation in a BLHCT Movie Pitch Session costs $25. Prior to registering for a Movie Pitch Session, applicants must have admission to the event. They may buy a pass or have one provided as a guest, exhibitor, or press. The Movie Pitch Session does not itself provide admission to the convention.

A Movie Pitch Session will last for 5 – 10 minutes and will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full. Once the schedule is full, applicants will be notified of the day and time for their pitch. The number of Movie Pitch Sessions is limited.

Registering for a Movie Pitch Session – You may register for a Movie Pitch Session here:

Supporting materials – We recommend providing as much supporting materials for your project as possible. Not everyone will have the same supporting materials, so this list is not required in order to pitch your movie, but the more materials you can provide the more you demonstrate that you are prepared to execute the project. If there are additional materials not on this list that you would like to submit, please include those also. You may submit materials to

Suggested Supporting Materials:

  • Project Title
  • Resumes/IMDB links (if applicable) for each person already attached to the project and their functions
  • Synopsis
  • Project Budget (this should be as detailed as possible at the time)
  • Script
  • Shooting Timeline/Locations
  • Storyboards/trailers/clips